"I've been a client of Jamie's for over 10 years and I can't imagine my life without her relaxing massages. I had carpal tunnel surgery about 15 years ago and thanks to her acupuncture treatments it has never returned! You might say I think Jamie 'can walk on water!' "

"I've been going to Jamie for over a decade and can honestly say myself and my body are better for it. Over the years I've had dislocated shoulders, pulled muscles, a strained back, tweaked knees, etc. And while I get a stern "Don't do that again" warning from Jamie...she gets to work and fixes the issue no matter what. There is no one out there that I trust more than Jamie to throw needles in my body or manipulate a joint. And if you are curious about acupuncture....believe me....it truly does work."

"I have going to Jamie for more than 12 years for massages. It started out just me and the kids getting massages every month. Now she has expanded to other family members. Jamie is so easy going. We just love that about her. She’s considered family at our house. My husband has a physical job and can feel the relief in his back and shoulders after Jamie has worked on him. I admit, my massage time is great therapy for my mind and body. All of us look forward to the massages from Jamie."
Teri and Steve

"I sure have missed talking to you and I do need an appointment whenever you are available. You know how I am about getting busy and forgetting to take care of myself! You are so very good at what you do and I appreciate you so much. I guess when you give me a massage, I feel so good that I forget to schedule another one. You are not only an awesome woman, but a wonderful healer. I love your philosophy of life and your wonderful attitude.
Thank you so much,"

"Jamie was recommended by my medical doctor. She has been my acupuncturist for over 8 years. Jamie is the best thing I do for myself. She cares for the whole person. My health and well being has never been better. Jamie ROCKS!! - even if she is a little creepy."
Susan McCool

"Sure it's all your your head, but I still feel better after seeing Jamie."
Lars Turpen

".........and she's not creepy."
Dr. Dirk Thomas