About Jamie L. Whartenby

I was born in Claremore Indian Hospital on June 30th 1969. I am married & we have three sons Wrex, Fred, and Arlo. My husband's name is Mark. He helps me with my business and he is also a major help with the kids.

I began my massage training in 1989 and I apprenticed for over 5 years in the Tulsa area. I've been working out of my home since September of 1995 and so far so good! I really like having the flexibility of being able to be "the bread winner" and also being at home with my family.

My acupuncture training was through The School of Natural Medicine in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. After 2 years of study I graduated in May of 1998. This school was owned & operated by Jeff & Shirly Nicholson but is no longer in operation.

I am currently take part in the Native American Church. I have trained in White Crane Silat & am currently training in Wushu Kung Fu and I am a good speller. I formerly served as the President of the Oklahoma Acupuncture Association.

I think that natural medicine is the way to go. However, if someone is in bad, horrible pain, I say do whatever you need to do to alleviate it. So, I am not totally against medication or western medicine. I think that a combination of the two is ideal. If a problem is not that bad yet, then try something like massage, acupuncture, or yoga for a while. If the practitioner cannot help you & you are not getting any results, then by all means, go western. I believe that the body can heal itself. I see myself as a "middle man" in assisting the body in healing itself. Most people totally under estimate what their bodies can do on their own.